WE MADE IT!!!  Feels so good to be home X X O 

SASKATCHEWAN home of the sweetest people in Canada, cutest animals and SASKATOON BERRIES!!!! so delightful. The prairies are so gorgeous. We are so lucky to live in this beautiful country Canada! Its just beautiful. How cute is the little prairie squirrel I met???? He let me photograph him and feed him. I fed him little berries until his little mouth was purple. SO CUTE. Such a little sweetheart.  The super moon was magical! Its a bummer you cannot actually photograph it in all its glory but WOW it was stunning. This is the best trip! so in love! travelling with my love and my cat! life really is good isn’t it? X O 

Here WE GO! Azzie did not know what was going on, she was scared and hid in the closet as you see HA! but once she was in the car she knew she was coming with us and was so happy! Its true you can take your cats camping and they do enjoy themselves. You need patience and understanding. Let them warm up to new surroundings and changes. Let them have all thier ” comforts” with them. Things with familiar scents and things they love. In azzie’s case its her travel cat carrier, her scratching post and of course her fuzzy tinsel kitty toys. She was a happy camper XO 

ROAD TRIP! After 8 beautiful years in BC we are now making our way back home to TORONTO <3 Whatever you do in this life Follow your heart, embrace all life has to offer X O I cannot wait to see my family and to pursue my passions!!! THIS CHAPTER will be so exciting and beautiful! CANNOT WAIT 

E V E R Y T H I N G.

W E D N E S D A Y.

There will always be people in this  world who will try their hardest  to bring you down, People are so unhappy with their own  lives that they will do anything in their power to cause you pain. DONT LET IT GET YOU DOWN!~ KEEP ON DREAMING. None can EVER take that away from you.  Stay focused on your dreams and your goals. When things get tough stay strong, keep on keeping on. Don’t waste your time on people who have hurt you.  They are behind you for a reason. They are truly not worth any of your precious thoughts or energy. Look at the moon, share your secrets, your hopes and dreams. YOU will get there!! KEEP ON DREAMING XO XO .

L O V E 

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Last night it was my girl Lindsay Anne’s birthday. I love birthdays they are so much fun. We had a grand ol time, WINE and POLAROIDS! Great conversations, great friends, AMAZING CAKE and of course the most hilarious moments. I LOVE MY FRIENDS xoxoxox


Yet again another amazing shoot with my girl LOO. I was super inspired by Betty Draper for this collection. Betty with a twist of modern. I am loving all of these pieces especially the Prue Acton Feathered cropped jacket. These pieces are TO DIE FOR and are in my shop. Pass by and take a peek www.misskittenvintage.etsy.com

 X  O  X  O  X  O